• Thứ 2, 15/08/2022
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Can thiệp bạch mạch điều trị các hình thái rò bạch mạch

Lymphatic Intervention for Various Types of Lymphorrhea: Access and Treatment

Lymphatic leakage is a rare but potentially life-threatening condition. Among them. postoperative lymphatic leakage is the leading cause of traumatic lymphorrhea and can arise anywhere within the lymphatic system. These leakages include lymphatic, chylous, and hepatic lymphatic leakage depending on the location of the leakage point. More recently, it has been elucidated that plastic bronchitis and protein losing enteropathy associated with congenital heart disease are also caused by lymphatic abnormalities and can be treated by lymphatic intervention. So far, lymphatic intervention has become one of the important territories of interventional radiology.

Therefore, interventional radiologists should learn basic lymphatic anatomy and lymphangiography techniques as well as lymphatic intervention. In the present session, at first, basic lymphatic anatomy is presented followed by various kinds of lymphangiography techniques. Finally, lymphatic intervention strategies and several cases are presented to grasprecent lymphatic issue.

Hội nghị Điện quang can thiệp toàn quốc lần thứ 8 - 2021

BS Masanori Inoue (Nhật Bản)


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